Large Animal Care Round Lake

Large Animal Vet

When you need an emergency vet in the Round Lake area for your large farm animals, Companion Round Lake is here to help. Trust Dr. Kofoed and our experienced team of veterinarians to treat you and your large animals with compassion and expert care.

Dr. Shannon Kofoed

Dr. Kofoed is a leading large animal veterinarian in Lake County. As a native and current resident of the area, she is here to serve the community with quality care.

She has always had a love for animals, and she enjoys the special bond that exists between humans and their companions. Dr. Kofoed started work in the veterinary field in 2006 and graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign in 2016 as a DMV specializing in veterinary surgery.

Large Animal Ambulatory Services

We understand emergencies happen, even to large farm animals that can not be easily transported to our office. That’s why we are available for house and farm calls. Our veterinarians will travel to your location to help care for your on-site animals.

We encourage you to call early if you suspect one of your animals is ill or injured, but we are available for emergency visits. We also have ambulatory services if your animal needs to visit our office for additional care. We will provide the necessary transportation to get them there safely.

Large Animal Care Veterinary Services

We offer livestock care to help your farm or ranch run smoothly. Our team has the experience and tools to care for your farm animals, whether they have new issues or chronic pain. We treat different animals and offer a host of services specific to each species.

What Pets Can We Treat?

We provide care for many types of animals, including:

  • Chickens
  • Cows
  • Ducks
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Sheep

What Veterinary Services Do These Pets Generally Need?

Our team of veterinarians offers:

  • Equine care: We can perform dental cleanings and examinations, treat lameness, and care for complicated colic situations.
  • Bovine care: Our cow vets can do breeding soundness exams and deworming treatment to keep your cattle healthy and strong.
  • Goat, sheep, and pig vet services: When you need spays and neuters, deworming treatments, or breeding soundness exams, our team can help.
  • Chicken and duck vet services: Routine checkups, parasite control, and vaccinations keep your feathered pets healthy. We are also ready to help with other emergencies your ducks and chickens may have.

These pets and farm animals need routine annual exams, vaccinations, pregnancy assistance, and more, which our veterinarians happily provide. We can perform preventative and emergency care to keep your animals healthy and happy.

Large Animal Care in Lake County, Illinois

When you need large animal veterinarians in Round Lake, Illinois, the team at Companion Round Lake is here to help. In addition to emergency care and preventative treatment, we can help you build a sustainable plan to give you many wonderful years with your companions.

Call us at 847-270-0880 or Make An Appointment online today to learn more about our veterinary services.

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