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Wellness Care

Our pets have never had it so good. Thanks to improvements in veterinary medicine and informed pet parents, our four-legged best friends are living longer, healthier lives! One of the biggest factors in preventing life-threatening illness and increasing your pet’s longevity is wellness care. Pet wellness exams are not limited to cats and dogs, but rather encompasses various services including teeth cleaning, x-rays, vaccinations and parasite control. Companion Animal Hospital in Round Lake offers a broad spectrum of comprehensive wellness services that, together, can keep your pet in the best physical condition.


Pets need annual wellness care and exams at every life stage to improve and maintain their health:

  • Examining your pet enables us to look for changes in their health and learn about any behavioral issues you may have observed at home.
  • With annual visits, we can compare your pet’s current condition to what we saw at their last visit. The goal is to set a baseline for all future exams so that we can better detect subtle changes in your pet and be more proactive about treating them.
  • Cat & dog exams include a nose-to-tail physical and possible diagnostics such as blood work, fecal testing, and X-rays. Healthy pets benefit from this because we can verify a clean bill of health, and they can continue with their usual treatments and parasite preventives.
  • Pets that are ill or showing unusual signs can be diagnosed and treated more quickly. This can reduce the severity of their condition or prevent a potential illness from developing.


Parasites are an unfortunate fact of life, but they don’t need to cause you and your pet undue stress. Companion Animal Hospital carries top-quality, doctor-guaranteed parasite preventatives for cats and dogs, and can recommend those that are most appropriate for your pet.

The most common offenders to protect your pet against are fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be dangerous since they are capable of spreading heartworm disease to their hosts. Black-legged deer ticks are the primary vehicle for spreading Lyme disease to dogs (and people). By giving your pet their doses of preventive throughout the year as instructed, they are more likely to avoid these diseases and be much healthier overall.

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