Reducing Pet Stress with Fear Free Treatment

Fear does not have to dictate the level of care your pet receives. When their well-being relies on routine veterinary visits, a low-stress approach is essential for helping pets get the care they need for a long and healthy life. Companion Animal Hospital Round Lake is staffed with Fear Free Certified professionals who have been trained and tested on special techniques designed to comfort anxious animals. With the Fear Free program, our goal is to help more pets stay healthy by making their appointments less stressful.

Dog running outside: Fear Free in Round Lake, IL

Why Our Staff is Committed to Fear Free Care

Our compassion for animals and dedication to providing quality medicine has shown us that we can do more to help pets and people. Fear can have a major impact on your pet’s life and determine their future health. In short, happy pets are healthier pets!

To further our mission as Fear Free Certified professionals, we:

  • Implement minimal restraint and gentle handling
  • Offer recommendations to help owners prepare their dogs or cats for transportation
  • Can prescribe pheromone sprays for home use and/or calming medications to help your pet relax before their visit
  • Provide treats to distract pets during treatments and help them associate vet visits with positive experiences
  • Use dog and cat pheromones in our exam rooms
  • Usher pets and owners into exam rooms right away so they won’t need to wait in the lobby
  • Perform exams where pets feel the most comfortable; this includes their owner’s lap, on the floor, or in their carrier
  • Speak softly and avoid making abrupt, loud noises that can trigger anxiety in pets

To learn more about Fear Free, visit You are also welcome to bring your pet in for an impromptu visit so they can meet our team! For an appointment, just call (847) 270-0880.